Weekly Noise #3 - New Domain

Posted on — | 1 min read

As promised, last week I integrated Medium-style “time-to-read” kind of feature which is pretty much added manually since Jekyll is a static blog generator. So it doesn’t calculate such things and insert them at run time. I changed the formatting of the description of a post to appear beside the tags and the “time to read” must be added manually after running a simple wc -w command on the .md file. Once I finish writing a post, I run the above command and insert it manually. Besides that, I also purchased a domain from NameCheap and made it point to the blog. I added a write up about one of the projects - Tweet Sentiment Classifier - that I developed during my Data Mining course. I also added a new page to hold my Resume.

I have one of my finals coming up right after Thanksgiving, so I’ll be busy with that. However, since one of the projects involves Android development, I’m planning to develop some sample apps as a quick recap into Android development. So target for next week would be:

  • Develop 1 or 2 simple Android apps.
  • A write up about another hobby project.