Hello World

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After being lazy as a sloth for a “really long” time, I finally pushed myself to create a blog where I can write/share about projects I work on in my free time and also about the technologies/tools that I encounter every now and then. I was basically inspired by this post by Matt Swanson since I face a similar situation while working on my side projects, wherein I work on many projects but none of them see completion. I was also drawn towards this blog post by Nathan LeClaire about committing code every day and blogging about it every week which is kinda similar to what Matt says. In Matt’s own words,

The basic idea is to set aside time each weekend to plan out what project you are going to work on during the coming week. Then, after the week is over, you reflect on what progress you made with a blog post and then write out next week’s plan. Rinse and repeat.

I thought this is a good way to keep track of what I do (and not be a couch potato spending hours watching funny videos on YouTube), and at the same time, share with others the issues I encounter while working on a project and how I happen to solve them. So I’ll be starting a “Weekly Noise” series (similar to what is explained in the link above) and try my best to update it regularly.