How to take smart notes

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Taking smart notes

  • take fleeting notes. Have a single place where all your notes go. These notes won’t be part of your zettelkasten. They go into trash
  • review your fleeting notes the same day so that you don’t forget the context in which you captured those notes
  • make those notes part of your zettelkasten. These become permanent notes
  • there’s also project notes which are specific to a project. They can be archived once the project is complete. - I want to implement this, but not sure how to manage and keep it separate from the main set of notes.
  • you should spend most of your time thinking and reflecting on what you learnt, not fiddling with the tools you use
  • if you spend too much time customizing or configuring your tools, you are using the wrong tools
  • select products that will be around forever - like text files
  • while moving fleeting notes into permanent notes, ask yourself - “in which context will I want to stumble upon it again?”
  • “the zettelkasten is designed to present you with ideas you’ve already forgotten, allowing your brain to focus on thinking instead of remembering”
  • if you make permanent notes for everything you come across, then your zettelkasten gets diluted and good ideas don’t surface up