Macbook users must swap Caps Lock and Ctrl Keys. Seriously!

Posted on — | 1 min read

I tell this to everyone I meet who uses a MacBook. I mean, come on. People who are used to using a Windows keyboard put their pinky on the bottom left key of the keyboard to reach for the control key, and it’s easy to reach too since the Ctrl key is pretty wide. But geniuses at Apple decided to use that key as the function key thus making us twist our wrists more so that our pinky can reach the control key. It’s so damn uncomfortable to do that all the time. But thankfully, Mac OSX has the feature to switch modifier keys. You can basically make any modifier key (Ctrl, Shift, Alt, Caps Lock) to behave as any other modifier key. And we use Ctrl more than Caps Lock; mainly programmers. Moreover I’ve seen so many people holding Shift to type out phrases in caps where they could have used Caps Lock key once and comfortably typed out the phrase (without holding Shift the whole time). So to fix all this and type comfortably, just swap Caps Lock and Ctrl and live in peace.